Yoga Teacher Training
200-hours / 3-week intensive course
6-27 OCTOBER 2024
Our program is designed for experienced yoga practitioners who wish to learn, deepen their understanding, improve their skills and
pass on the knowledge. Upon completing this training, you will be qualified as a yoga teacher with 200 hours of teaching certification.

By attending the Tbilisi Yoga Loft 200-hour
Yoga Teacher Training, you will:
  • Learn to teach and practice a broad range of yoga asanas.
  • Experience drawing on yoga's physical, energetic, and spiritual benefits.
  • Learn the appropriate and correct alignments for each posture.
  • Explore the modifications and variations of the most common asanas.
  • Learn and practice the art of hands-on-adjustment.
  • Understand the basic concepts of functional yoga anatomy.
  • Experience and practice different types of pranayama and meditation techniques.
  • You have been practicing yoga -intensively and continuously- and want to move to the next level.
  • You want to learn how to get harmony between body, mind and soul.
  • You want to deepen your asana and meditation practice.
  • You want to learn and practice in a compassionate and non-competitive yet challenging environment.
  • Are looking for a comprehensive, safe, well/structured, anatomically precise yet intuitive approach.
  • You wish to explore the subtler and more profound level of awareness.
  • You have a strong desire and urge to share this art of living with others.
  • You are ready to learn yoga beyond asanas.
Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is an intensive program designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to teach yoga classes based on the Hatha and Vinyasa
Yoga styles.

    • Hatha Yoga: Static style practiced two or three times a week. In these classes, you will also practice different pranayamas.
    • Vinyasa Yoga: Dynamic series of flowing movement sequences practiced two or three times a week.
    • Yin Yoga: Slow-paced style of yoga, incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine.
    • Complimentary you will practice Sukshma Vyayama

    You will learn and practice different breathing and meditation techniques daily throughout the course, namely nadi shodhana, kapalbhati, bhastrika, ujjayi and bhramari.
    The specially designed practical anatomy classes are the backbone of the alignment classes. You will learn the following in the anatomy classes.
    • Basic concepts of functional anatomy and physiology related to movement.
    • Application of anatomical principles to yoga practice (mechanics of yoga asana, its benefits and contraindications, healthy patterns of movement, etc.).
    • Applied anatomy with a significant emphasis on the skeletal system, muscular system, connective tissue and movements of the body's major joints.
    • Muscular and skeletal differences i.e., compression, tension, and proportion and orientation theory.
    • Study different body regions: The foot, knee, hips, spine, and shoulder.
    You will receive classes on yoga philosophy and history. During the Sanskrit lecture, you will learn to pronounce poses in Sanskrit and count. Besides, we will watch a yoga documentary. Yoga philosophy also incorporates the concepts of the subtle body and the spiritual energies of Prana and Kundalini moving through the nadis and chakras. You are free to ask questions related to spirituality, meditation or any other inquiry related to your spiritual quest.
    The best way to learn is to teach" – Frank Oppenheimer
    Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting, verbal instructions, teaching styles, the qualities of a teacher, voice projection, floor presence, planning and structuring a class, alignment and hands-on-adjustment, dealing with injuries and safety precautions, business aspects of teaching yoga, ethics and much more.
    During the course, you will receive weekly three-hour workshops on alignment and adjustment techniques for the main postures from different asana categories. Other seminars will also include modifications, advance variations, good use of props, and hands-on adjustments practice.
    In this class, your teachers will guide you through how to develop your career as a yoga teacher, marketing strategies, advertising and PR, ethics in the yoga business, and building a network with other yoga teachers, schools, studios and retreats, among other related topics, example "How to start teaching yoga anywhere".
Your yoga teacher training journey with us is as much about deepening your practice as it is about gaining the skills to teach others. We passionately believe in the significance of your journey of discovery and experience in developing your unique personal voice and style as a yoga teacher.
Kati Shanti
Founder Tbilisi Yoga Loft
3 weeks program
Below is an example of a daily schedule
08.30 – 10.00
08.30 – 10.00
Asana Practice, Pranayama & Meditation
10.00 – 11.00
10.00 – 11.00
Breakfast break
11.00 – 12.30
11.00 – 12.30
Philosophy / Anatomy
12.30 – 14.00
12.30 – 14.00
Asana Practice
14.00 –15:00
14.00 –15:00
Lunch Break
15:00 – 18:00
15:00 – 18:00
Workshops on Alignment, Adjustment, Techniques, Student Teaching practice
18:00 – 20:00
18:00 – 20:00
*Saturdays and Sundays off
Note: your schedule might be slightly different from day to day.
Due the covid, some lectures might be streamed online.
There will be time for Q and A every week.
Yoga Teacher Training Manual
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"If not you, who? If not now, when?" ~The Talmud
Our students say
  • Such good people and great vibes here at Yoga Loft. Thanks to all of you. It was amazing to receive your beautiful energy. All teachers at Tbilisi Yoga Loft are professional, teaching with passion, generosity and kindness. Big real Namaste. Now I know there is no better word to translate what I would like to tell you.
    YTTC Participant
  • Thanks to Kati Shanti and all the teachers for the opportunity to move forward, new valuable knowledge and skills, and all the warmth and love. I learned more about myself, understood the basics of anatomy and safe practice, and delved into the philosophy of yoga. Tbilisi Yoga Loft's course is the best thing that could have happened to me during the pandemic.
    YTTC Participant
  • Kati, Yulia, Somlata, Dima and Aby, thank you for sharing with us your invaluable knowledge, guiding us through this joyous journey and helping this dream come true. These challenges and joy helped me discover myself.
    YTTC Participant
  • Tbilisi Yoga Loft teacher course was great. We learnt a lot of new things from the teachers. The atmosphere was top notch. The course gave me more confidence for my yoga teacher career. It was a great life experience.
    YTTC Participant
October, 7th - 28th, 2024
This course might change your life
COURSE with SHARED HOTEL accommodation

- Shared accommodation at Episode Hotel (5 min walk from the studio)

- All offline & online lectures

- All materials during the course

- All meals (breakfast and lunch)

- Certification & Graduation

- All practices

The payment plan is available
The prices are inclusive of
GEL 6730
USD 2530
GEL 6990
USD 2630
COURSE with SINGLE accommodation

- Single accommodation at Yoga Villa (shared kitchen & bathroom)


- All offline & online lectures

- All materials during the course

- All meals (breakfast and lunch)

- Certification & Graduation

- All practices

The payment plan is available
The prices are inclusive of
GEL 6990
USD 2630
GEL 7260
USD 2730
Within 48 hours of submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email if space is available and you are admitted. Payment of the enrollment fee is required to secure your position as a participant.

To reserve your spot, a non-refundable deposit is required (included in the total price):
  • Without Accommodation: GEL 450 / $150 USD
  • With Accommodation: GEL 900 / $300 USD
Upon receipt of the deposit, further payment instructions will be provided. Please note that making a deposit does not secure the early bird price.

Receive a $100 USD discount when full payment is made before August 1st, 2024. Secure the early bird offer by paying the full tuition fee in advance via international bank transfer or in the studio.

For those opting for a payment plan, the full amount will be divided into equal parts, payable monthly/weekly either automatically or manually. The complete payment should be settled seven days before the course commencement.

A maximum of 10 participants will be accepted.

October, 1st, 2024
  • Kati Shanti
    Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Yoga history,
    Yoga philosophy
    Founder of Tbilisi Yoga Community
Kati came to yoga at age 16 with poor posture after a minor car accident. Without sporting experience, yoga seemed to her a real challenge, but the goal was to get rid of the displacement of the vertebrae to become more enduring and balanced.

"This is how I got to know yoga therapy. Over the years, my practice evolved to include hatha yoga, and I embarked on my journey to become a certified Yoga Flow teacher through the Saint-Petersburg School of Yoga.

In 2010, I went on an endless journey. Started in Asia, where I studied yoga with different masters. Then took a 200H TTC in Yoga and Pranayama in India and a 100H TTC in Prenatal and Postnatal yoga in Spain. Additionally, I obtained certification as a Yin yoga teacher. Among my most profound influences were my experiences with Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India, Forrest yoga under the guidance of Ana Forrest (USA)."

For the last 16 years, Kati has organized a several workshops and yoga retreats worldwide, including India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sweden, Greece, Russia, and Georgia.

She is the visionary behind the Tbilisi Yoga Community, established in 2019, and the proprietor of two studios: Tbilisi Yoga Loft and Tbilisi Yoga Villa.

"I firmly believe in the uniqueness of each individual and the significance of every moment. Through my classes, I strive to create a safe space where students can unlock their potential with confidence and love."
  • Alena Chernysheva
    Style: Anatomy, Yoga-therapy, Mindfulness
    Language: Russian, English

    I have been practicing yoga since 2011 and started teaching in 2013. In 2015, I specialized in prenatal and postnatal yoga. In 2020, I pursued a 220-hour Mindfulness Training program. Recently I completed 746 hours of yoga therapy and adaptive physical culture. My diploma work centered around using yoga therapy and mindfulness to address increased anxiety.
  • Andrew Osipov
    Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga-Flow, Asana Lab
    Language: English, Russian

    YTT 200hr in Florida USA predominately Vinyassa Flow, Yogatherarapy 300hr by Frolov in IEMR in Sait Petersburg, Postgraduate education with Gleb Mazaev and Dmitrii Demin 60hr.
    Adjustmets and assistance course by the Prana in Moscow 50hr
    Completed 3 10-days Vippasana courses by Goenka, 1 5-days blinf Vipassana course
  • Andrei Charkasau
    Style: Meditation, Sukshma-Vyaama
    Language: Russian, English

    Meditation practice since 2012. Studied in Institute of Asian Classics. Completed 2 Vippasana course and 3 mediation retreats. Instructor of Buddhist meditation since 2020. Practicing QiGong from 2016 (Ba Duan Jin). Practice Yoga asana, Satkarmas, Pranayama at the MYoga school by Dolgan Zurgadayev. Recently completed 5 weeks QiGong course with Nugzar Dzodzuashvili: Xi sui qing, Xiao Zhou Tian, Yi Zhou Tian, Initial forms of Taijiquan from 24 forms of the new Chen style.
  • Natalia Kirti Puran Kaur
    Style: Kundalini yoga, Sound-healing
    Language: English, Spanish

    Natalia has been teaching her knowledge in Kundalini Yoga with love for more than 9 years in Colombia, Germany and Georgia. Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher by Prem European Yoga Alliance, Kundalini Research Institute. With a strong connection with the voice and music, she also leads Sound Healing sessions and Gong baths around the world.

the 200 hour yoga teacher training
  • Student:
    Can I teach yoga with a 200-hour certification?
    Yes. Generally, a 200-hour certification is the worldwide accepted standard for teaching yoga.
  • Student:
    Do I need to register as RYT 200?
    It is not mandatory to register as RYT-200 with Yoga Alliance (or any other yoga teacher federation) for you to teach. You can teach just with a 200-hour certification. In some countries, however, registering as RYT 200 might increase your credibility if you are looking for a job.
  • Student:
    Are all 200-hour courses the same?
    Not at all; some 200-hour courses don’t cover even a fraction of other courses. While choosing a course, it is essential to examine the curriculum and research if the training suits your needs and expectations.
  • Student:
    Where course will take a place?
    Classes will be held at Tbilisi Yoga Villa (Saburtalo branch), on Otar Oniashvili, 37
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